Grand Canyon Trips

The awe inspiring Grand Canyon National Park is an absolute must do excursion from the city and bright lights of Las Vegas.

Carved over millions of years by the mighty Colorado River the Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, at places 18 miles wide and in certain areas over a mile deep making it a wonderful sight. Red rocks stick up from the canyons side and trees seem minute in the distance all adding to what makes this place so special. Take the opportunity to journey into the canyon maybe on horseback to get a real feel of Americas west. Helicopters are also available to take you to the canyons floor if you prefer a more comfy option. Overall there is lots to see and do here but surely the best pastime is to just sit and marvel at this true wonder of the world.

The Grand Canyon is split into 2 main tourist regions, the west rim and the south rim. The south rim is by far the most breathtaking with the views you have seen in the movies and scenery to die for. The Grand Canyon Tour Company have load of sightseeing options from day trips by plane, helicopter or tour bus to overnight adventures into the canyon and white water rafting along the mighty Colorado. The flying option is a great choice, this is excellent value too, you are collected from your Las Vegas hotel, taken to a small air field and enjoy a stunning flight of approximately 1 hour as you fly above the Hoover dam and Lake Mead before you arrive at the canyons south rim.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Here you enjoy a ground tour along the rim to take in the sights and enjoy some great photo opportunities. Then you stop for lunch and experience some of the native Indian’s way of life before returning from what has been a truly memorable experience. Another way of touring the area is by coach, this is a longer day (approx 14 hours hotel to hotel) again it is fully escorted with a local expert guide on hand and to see you through your day. As this trip is longer it is slightly more tiring but as compensation for this you do get a couple of added bonuses in a drive over the Hoover dam and a ride along the famous Route 66. There are of course lots of other ways to explore the Grand Canyon and surrounding area and with the highly respected and experienced Grand Canyon Tour Company you are sure to find an option that suits you on your trip to the Grand Canyon.

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